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Course Exams 

To obtain a BOMI International certificate and/or designation, students are required to successfully complete and pass an exam at the end of each course. All course-level exams are available in BOMI's Learning Portal. If you have taken an Online Self-Paced, Live Virtual Learning or Collaborative Virtual Learning course, you are already familiar with the portal. If you have not taken a course through BOMI's Learning Portal, you will receive a separate email with login credentials. 

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Want to take your exam in-person or need special accommodations? No problem! Create an account or login to Pearson Vue.

Course Exam Eligibility

Learners have a six-month eligibility period to take their exam. You must complete your exam by 6:00pm ET on your last day of eligibility or your exam eligibility will expire. If a learner does not take the exam within this period, they must pay an Exam Administration Fee to begin a new six-month eligibility period. Once you are ready to take your exam, simply log in and begin your test in the Learning Portal. These exams are timed and not proctored.


  • Online Self-Paced: eligibility period begins on registration date
  • Classroom Learners: eligibility period begins on the first day of class


Prior to taking your exam, you must meet all eligibility requirements and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement and Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct. Read them now to save valuable test time!   


Course Exam Extensions

If you need an exam extension, you may extend your eligibility for an additional six-month period. An exam administration fee of $150 applies. This fee applies to the following scenarios:

• Retest: Failing an exam and needing to retake at a later date.

• Extension: Wishing to extend the eligible period for other reasons.

If you are enrolled in an Online Self-Paced course, the exam administration fee will extend your BOMI Learning Portal access for an additional six months. This enables you to review course materials and practice exams before retaking the final course exam.

Unsure if you're eligible to extend your eligibility? Call 1.800.235.2664 or email service@bomi.org to ask an Education Coordinator. 

Administration Fee