2023 Web Banner Course Books

All courses include a digital coursebook, featuring study tools that can be used on any device. Download your coursebook and study anytime, anywhere with 100% offline access. Study smart with a host of features:

  • Search functionality
  • Keyword lookup
  • Note taking
  • Flashcard creation
  • Highlighting
  • Read aloud capability
  • And more!

Digital books are a great on-the-job resource. Are you trying to remember how to fix something or searching for that budgeting information for today's meeting? Open the digital app on your phone or computer, do a quick keyword search, and find the answer you need in real-time!

Learners utilizing BOMI's digital coursebooks will have access to their coursebook through VitalSource Bookshelf from the time of course registration through the 60-day period after their graduation date*.

*If you do not graduate within three years as a certificate enrollee, you will lose access after three years. If you do not graduate within seven years as a designation enrollee, you will lose access after seven years.

You must log into your course in BOMI's learning portal prior to downloading your Bookshelf and/or App. Once logged in, you can download VitalSource Bookshelf and the digital app right from the learning portal, or use these links below.

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Download Bookshelf and
the Digital App
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Optional print books are available for a $65 fee.