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Why the FMC?

The FMC program provides an overview of information that is vital to running an efficient facility. Upon completion of this program, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how to manage and maintain cost-effective facilities that operate at peak performance levels.

What Will I Learn?

In addition to providing an overview of management information that is important to have in order to operate a facility effectively, the FMC also provides the information needed to manage the ongoing operation and maintenance of building systems and to maximize building efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Upon successful completion of all three courses, FMC holders will be able to:


  • Keep their property in top operational condition
  • Manage personnel and projects to ensure success
  • Build a career in facilities management
  • Improve overall efficiencies


Who Should Enroll?

This certificate is for those who manage the ongoing operation and maintenance of facilities.

Required Courses:

 Fundamentals of FM 02282023      Design 1 02282023      Design 2 02282023

Certificate Requirements

To achieve your certificate, you must complete all three courses and achieve a grade of 70% or higher on each course exam.

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  • Courses may be taken in any order.
  • Choose the flexible course delivery option that works best for you - online self-paced, collaborative virtual learning, accelerated review or classroom setting, where applicable.
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