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BOMI Launches Three Course Updates

Newly updated: Budgeting and AccountingLaw and Risk Management, and Real Estate Investment and Finance

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BOMA and BOMI Collaborate to Provide Education and Training

The two international organizations are teaming up to create a new future for workforce development, focusing on education and training. 

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BOMI Announces Scholarship Winners

The Board of Trustees of BOMI International is pleased to award two J. Bradley Kennedy Scholarships this year to Juan Carrero, lead operating engineer, Jones Lang LaSalle, and Rene Hernandez, dual chief engineer, Marriott International. 


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BOMI Launches Two New CRE Designations

Commercial real estate professionals now have two more development opportunities at their disposal thanks to two new designations from BOMI International, the Independent Institute for Property and Facility Management Education. 

The specialized designations, the PPA and FPA, are the result of a national collaboration led by BOMA New York, which offers a full curriculum of property and facility management classes to owners, managers and professional service professionals.


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Maryland Department of General Services Concludes its Class Training for Efficient Facilities Management


The Maryland Department of General Services (DGS) today announced its first class of 30 Office of Facilities Management professionals receiving certifications from BOMI International (BOMI) in the fields of building systems maintenance, facilities management, and property administration.


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BOMI International Names New Board Leadership

As new chair of the BOMI International Board of Trustees, Tim O'Donald, RPA®, takes the reins from Nicholas E. Stolatis, RPA®, CPM®, LEED®-AP.
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BOMI International Introduces BOMI Education Canada

BOMI International, the Independent Institute for Property and Facility Management Education, is pleased to announce the launch of BOMI Education Canada, as well as a introduce its new Board of Directors and website. 
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Communicating Sustainability Efforts to Tenants

When engaging management and tenants in sustainability efforts, communication is imperative in order to ensure that the goals of the efforts are aligned and implemented. 
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Eye on Education: Fast-Track Your Career with the CMCP Certification

You've worked hard to establish yourself in a new career in commercial real estate.
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Is a SMT® Right for Me?

How is a building like an orchestra? With multiple large-scale systems running at the same time, a building manager needs to be able to conduct to the best of their ability. The SMT® Designation could be the next step in perfecting a building’s symphony.
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5 Reasons to Invest in the RPA®/FMA® Designation Programs

After earning her RPA® 25 years ago, Nancy Capadona encourages all of her employees and emerging industry leaders to earn the RPA® and FMA® designations.
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BOMI-HP®: The High-Performance, Environmental Sustainability Designation

What does it mean to run a high–performance building? The task to make large-scale systems work efficiently and environmentally can seem daunting.
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The Commercial Real Estate Certification Institute™ (CRECI™) Launches Certification for Early-Career CRE Professionals

Seventy-one commercial property managers are the first to earn the new Certified Manager of Commercial Properties™ (CMCP™) certification that recognizes early-career professionals for foundational knowledge in real estate operations and management.